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Know when your site is down before your customers do
We monitor your site and certificate in realtime. When it's down we
send you notifications via email, Slack, Telegram or SMS.
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Be aware

Get notifications in a way you like

When your site is down we send notifications in a way that suits you so you can act as fast as possible.

More to come!

Be global

Monitor from multiple locations

Know when your site is down in a certain region

Get detailed regional information, like uptime or response time

Avoid false positives

Be calm

We check your certificate as well

Isn't it annoying when you forget to renew your SSL certificate and customers get this ugly security error?

We monitor expiration date and notify you when it's time to update your certificate.

Be public

Public status pages

Create public status pages and display how do your sites perform.

A status page is a way of communicating between you and your customers.

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Pay only for what you use

$1.00 + $0.52 / mo
per location
Number of Monitors
1 monitor
Request Frequency
Every minute
What you will get
  • Free trial for 21 days (up to 20 monitors). No credit card required
  • All features included, no limitation
  • Status pages with custom domains
  • Uptime & SSL certificate monitoring
  • Performance monitoring is in active development
Try free trial for 21 days
We charge fixed $1.00 price per month because:
1. Our payment provider minimum charge amount is $1.00
2. We need to cover provider fees. Otherwise in case of small transactions the fees will be ~50% of transaction cost
We have multiple locations (5 for now).
Every location constantly checks your site.
In order to reduce costs you can disable locations which you dont need

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